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The Biggest Problem with Primary Market Research, and How You Can Fix It

Traditionally, market research has meant outsourcing your research problem to an established agency. The agency then uses primary and secondary data sources to provide the needed market intelligence.

But this traditional approach suffers from a few problems:

  • Effort, Time and Cost Intensive: Primary Research projects take months, and are very cost-intensive, even when executed by established research firms.
  • Accuracy and Reliability of data: Customers’ needs are constantly changing. So data becomes outdated fast in this constantly evolving market. This means repeating the exercise, again at great effort and cost.

Moreover, many companies depend on online sources of data. But in a country like India, over 850 million Indian consumers live in rural areas, and where the internet usually does not work or the connectivity is patchy, and most of the people are not tech-savvy. Accessing information through online means like surveys is out of the question. 

A unique proposition is disrupting the traditional market research paradigm through market research services through an extensive network of trained ex-soldiers across India.

“Market Research and Ex-soldiers? Really?”

This could be a marketer’s initial response to the idea of ex-soldiers disrupting market research.

That is until the marketer sees how Brisk Olive Business Solutions, India’s largest Field Force of 23,000+ ex-soldiers is turning market research on its head.


  • Reach everywhere, including into rural markets even in remote regions. Soldiers are recruited from these regions and tend to resettle there after hanging their uniforms, They belong to those areas and can provide genuine, insightful information.
  • A Highly-skilled Force. A retired soldier would usually have a minimum of 15 to 20 years of service, with matching experience in operational and process-based tasks.
  • Local resources. Resources are available at ground zero, leading to savings in effort, time, and cost.

Extreme reliability: A soldier / ex-soldier is synonymous with reliability.

This leads to a win-win proposition for businesses, as it means receiving excellent service at one end while aiding in the resettlement of veteran soldiers at the other. That the service is available across India, including even in the remotest areas through experienced and highly skilled professionals, who’d never compromise on reliability and authenticity is an added bonus. And all this at optimum cost!

We at Brisk Olive offer feet-on-ground services through a network of 23,000+ ex-soldiers positioned across all 741 districts of India. Some of our services include Market Research, Surveys, Audits, Trainings, Promotions, etc.

Magnify your reach through Brisk Olive’s Field Force for Growth. 

About the Author

Colonel Sunil Prem (Retired) is MD and CEO of Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Business Consultancy and India’s largest Field Force provider, with a network of 23,000+ ex-soldiers positioned across all 741 districts of India. Their teams are composed of trained, handpicked ex-soldiers and they are employed for tasks at which they excel such as Surveys, Audits, Market Research, Promotions, Trainings, Project Execution, Verifications, Rectifications, Last Mile Connectivity tasks, etc. Brisk Olive also provides recruitment of veterans. They train and transition veterans, to ensure a win-win for corporate and veterans.

To know more, visit BriskOlive – Magnify Your Reach


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