You are currently viewing India’s largest sourcing network at your fingertips!

India’s largest sourcing network at your fingertips!

When it comes to your bottom line as a company, your sourcing strategy can make or break you. Your cost structure, profit margins, and competitiveness as a firm are all dependent on strategic planning throughout the sourcing process. That is why it makes sense to have a reliable and powerful sourcing partner at your disposal.

What sourcing is, and why it is so critical

Simply put, sourcing is the process of identifying and selecting suppliers to obtain the goods and services required to run your organisation. It means locating the proper suppliers that can deliver the quality you want at a pricing range that allows you to maintain the necessary margins. 

Sourcing might appear to be simple, but the procedure of creating a sourcing network can be quite complex.

Sourcing entails the following steps:

  • Locating reliable suppliers of products and services.
  • Contract negotiations.
  • Creating payment terms.
  • Market investigation.
  • Quality assurance testing.
  • Planning of outsourcing goods.
  • Creating guidelines.

Companies must do business with suppliers who will ensure that their products offer the greatest outcomes. After all, the company’s reputation is at risk. So companies must put in the needed time and effort to ask probing questions and get to know their suppliers as the sources for their goods and services. 

Outsourcing your sourcing to third parties:

Some businesses decide that rather than doing it themselves, they would rather delegate the duty of selecting their goods and services to a third party. By outsourcing the procedure of sourcing, companies are able to focus on what they do best – their core strengths – while allowing their sourcing partners to perform what they do best.

Sourcing is mostly about having contacts and also knowing where to find new contacts. So companies that offer supplier outsourcing services need to be excellent at supplier identification and analysis, quality control and factory inspections. They can then effectively and efficiently link companies together so that they can create long lasting relationships. So when it comes to setting up complex sourcing relationships, there is no way around third party sourcing companies.

Brisk Olive positioning as a unique third party sourcing supplier

Here is why Brisk Olive emerges as a unique and powerful third party sourcing partner:

  • Brisk Olive’s network is physically available throughout India, including at all products and services sourcing hubs.
  • It is available even in the most isolated of locations, where primary products like food grains and minerals are produced.
  • The network is composed of expert ex-Indian soldiers who are known for their do-or-die mindset as service providers.
  • These are personnel with the highest level of trustworthiness, who possess the qualities necessary for such jobs, such as the required technical expertise in their defined areas, local knowledge, expertise in inspection and quality control, honesty and integrity and a track record of providing excellent service.
  • This is a tight-knit community unlike any other. Thus, individual skills, abilities, and prior performances are already recognised and vouched for.

Brisk Olive also has enough proof of performance, to back up claimed capabilities. Their range of expert services also shows you the width of your operational challenges that it can help you tackle. Here are some examples:

  • Helped LeadsConnect setup PMFBY offices across Uttar Pradesh.
  • Installed solar home power packs across Uttarakhand.
  • Conducted measurement surveys in the North East, in Manipur and Meghalaya.
  • Conducted a survey of 3700 Beverage coolers for a FMCG giant across Rajasthan.
  • Rectified Loan Forms across India.
  • Audited Government Schemes across India.
  • Conducted water and hygiene mapping surveys for WASH India across villages, slums and RWAs.
  • Conducted trainings for NTTF
  • Helping EV charging companies identify suitable potential EV charging stations as well as setting these up across India.
  • Establishing a VLE Network across India for NEDigiPay.
  • Data logging at 1905 locations, spread over a million square kilometers in India.
  • Verifying drivers for Varuna Logistics, India’s largest self
  • Helping an NGO conduct exams for 100,000+ children.
  • Recruitment services for Amazon India, Accenture, PharmEasy, VMware, etc.

About Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

 Brisk Olive is a firm operated by veterans with a proven track record of providing services, through its field force of more than 23,000 ex-soldiers available pan India. Here is a 2-minute Video and a Presentation.

About the Author

The author is MD and CEO of Brisk Olive Business Solutions, a company that helps clients grow by expanding their operations across entire India. They do this through India’s largest field force of ex-soldiers. Their USPs are the dependability and expertise of their field force, which is spread across India, including in remote areas. Their services include surveys, audits, investigations, project execution, sourcing, training, promotions, verifications, and all such operational tasks at which ex-soldiers are proven to excel.

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