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About Us

We help companies grow massively across India
through India’s largest and most reliable Field Force of 25,000+ ex-soldiers

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To help companies grow massively across India through our unique field force of ex-soldiers. And in the process, transform our Country and provide great 2nd Lives to our Veterans.

Our Vision

To become India’s growth engine, through its largest and most reliable field force of experts.

Our Concept

A Unique
Field Force

The ex-soldiers’ community is India’s largest and most reliable field force:

  • Approximately 6.3 Million veterans and spouses across India.
  • Excellent in operations and highly ethical and reliable.
  • Provide services with quality, which society needs.
  • With earning, learning and pride for themselves.

Our Model

an ex-soldiers' organisation

briskolive - concept - tapping values of ex-defence personnel

We tap the values, skills and energy of ex-soldiers to:

  • Provide services with quality and values, which society needs.
  • Provide fulfilling 2nd Lives to highly experienced ex-soldiers – with earning, learning and pride.

Providing Services
at which ex-soldiers excel

boots-on-ground-services - by ex-servicemen of Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

We employ ex-soldiers for tasks at which they are known to excel:

  • Surveys, Audits, Investigations, Verifications, Rectifications.
  • Project Management.
  • Events, Promotions
  • Team Lease and other operational tasks.

By creating India's best Field Force
of Experts through training

We make ex-soldiers industry ready through rigorous training:

  • Training and transitioning veterans over a protracted period to cover their skills gaps.
  • Polishing and using their skills developed through years of experience in the armed forces.

It's a Win - Win - Win Model

For our Clients

Our Clients get expert advice and proven services through experts with unmatched reliability.

For our Country

Our Country gets Quality with Reliability, because that is all we and our Field Force know.

For our Veterans

Our Veterans build wonderful second lives for themselves and their families.

Learnings & Challenges When You Manage People

What were your learnings from the army that you brought into business?

One of the most important things in life is to plan because it gives you a datum. You can take advantage of those things, then you can flex on top of that.

Compounding is the most powerful thing in this world.  

You can invest and grow your money, but if you invest in people, there is no limit to what you can do.  

Our Team

Colonel Sunil Prem (Retd) - Founder, CEO

Winner of the President’s Gold Medal at the Indian Military Academy, topper in B. Tech. (JNU) and M. Tech. (IIT Kanpur), and Staff College from India and Australia, Sunil had an illustrious first career in the Indian Army. He commanded an Engineer Regiment, served in the United Nations, and was Operations Officer of an Indian Strike Formation. In his 2nd Life, Sunil is a successful entrepreneur; he has co-founded 2 other companies – Navyug InfoSolutions (Software Services) and Arnima Ventures LLP (Anti Terrorism and Counter-IED).

At Brisk Olive, Sunil aims to transform India through the power of the ex-Defence community, while also ensuring amazing 2nd Lives for ex-defence personnel and families.

Colonel Sunil Prem (Retd) - Founder and CEO, Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Gen Sudhir Sharma - Strategic Advisor, Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

Lieutenant General Sudhir Sharma, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM (Retd) - Strategic Advisor

Gen Sudhir Sharma has handled distinguished leadership, staff, instructional and diplomatic assignments in the Indian Army, including command of the largest operational force in the world. He has lead and modernised the logistics of the 1.3 million-strong Indian Army. He was India’s Defence Attaché in London. He is on the panel of Advisors / Governors of many large Indian and global corporations.

Gen Sharma is passionate about the integration of veteran ex-soldiers into the civil world after their retirement. He believes that soldierly values and ethos can transform our country.

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