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Grow your Business Through A Unique Field Force!

Most business owners are maniacally obsessed with growth. They want to take their products and services across India, if not the world! Here, I share a business partner with you, with a unique field force that can take your business across India, if not the world. And I am not talking about just online reach and scale.

Taking a product or service across a country like India (or the world) is usually a huge challenge. For products, it requires a massive distribution network. For services, the challenge is greater, as services must maintain high service level quality standards across scale. If such services are feet-on-the-ground, the challenge is even more extreme.

This realisation led to the setting up of Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, a business consultancy that helps organisations grow through its unique 23,000 plus field force of ex-soldiers across India. The model is a win-win:

  • It harnesses the operational capabilities of hand-picked ex-soldiers’. Ex-soldiers are honest, highly trained, and experienced. Brisk Olive uses them only for tasks at which they are known to be exceptional – operations. These include surveys, market research, audits, project execution, maintenance, data logging, promotions and events, training, verifications, rectifications, last-mile connectivity, etc. They can also distribute goods in a channel.
  • The business partner, Brisk Olive, is today a repository of such expertise, and it continuously trains and upgrades its field force. The company also uses cutting edge technology to manage its field force and client projects.
  • The model is a win-win-win one. It meets the company’s mission – it transforms the country through quality services, and it also helps ex-soldiers build dream second lives by providing services at which they excel.
  • For clients, their win lies in working with a reliable single-window vendor to whom they can outsource a whole range of operational tasks. They also do it at an excellent ROI, as they themselves remain lean and focused, while their partner’s model is lean by design. An added win is that the client helps veterans resettle, and unleash their latent capabilities for the growth of the nation.

Examples of suitable field-force tasks are limitless. Here are examples of some top projects already executed (or currently in the pipeline):

  • Business Consultancy. The company consults with growing businesses and provides them innovative solutions which would be considered impossible otherwise.
  • Construction and Project Management: Ranging from installing solar power packs across across large areas, to construction of distributed small buildings, water points, anganwadis, etc, to disaster management through surveying buildings for retrofitting.
  • Social Projects: E.g. distribution of books and conduct of events for 2,40,000 girl children across Rajasthan.
  • Promotional Services: E.g., promoting products and services in rural areas.
  • Surveys: E.g., a water, hygiene, and sanitation survey across 99 villages, across 30 urban residential centers, etc.
  • Market Research: E.g. Market Research for an FMCG client across a state.
  • Auditing: E.g., auditing central government schemes, auditing processes for a farmers and fertilizers conglomerate, etc.
  • Verification: E.g., verifying drivers from across India, for a logistics fleet.
  • Collection and delivery services: From items to documents.
  • Onboarding vendors for new products and services: E.g., helping install and onboard a mobile app across multiple locations.
  • Team Lease and Recruitment Services: Providing trained and transitioned ex-soldiers for operational, administration, HR, security, supervisory, top management roles, etc, across India.

Examples of unusual tasks which Brisk Olive is called upon to execute include:

  • Manufacturing: E.g., making masks and other protective items through the field force during the Covid-19 lockdown.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Installing and maintaining IoT devices on vehicles, in toilets, etc., across India.
  • Establishing Franchise Networks: For companies selling products or solutions. Ex-soldiers make excellent franchise partners, due to their honesty, dependability, operational excellence, and adherence to processes.
  • Data Logging: E.g., data logging across 1988 cities / villages for one year.
  • Tree Plantation: Ex-soldiers are known for their expertise in this field (e.g., eco-battalions, of ex-soldiers greening India).
  • Investigations: Including investigations for overseas companies.
  • Training & Skill Development: Delivering day to month(s)-long trainings on technical / soft skills or training staff on new processes (ex-soldiers are excellent trainers).
  • Rectification of Forms: Rectification of faulty loan forms for finance companies.
  • Photography Services: Providing such services across India.

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About the author

Colonel Sunil Prem (Retired) is MD and CEO of Brisk Olive Business Solutions, a company that helps clients grow by expanding their operations all across India. They do this through India’s largest field force of ex-soldiers. Their USPs are the dependability and expertise of their field force, which is spread across India, including in remote areas. Their services include surveys, audits, investigations, project execution, training, promotions, verifications, and all such operational tasks at which ex-soldiers are proven to excel.

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