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A ‘Man Friday’ Company for your Projects?

With so much going on, businesses have a hard time focusing their resources on multiple simultaneous projects. So they outsource. But then they must deal with multiple vendors!

But what if a single vendor could take on a majority of your projects and operational tasks – and reliably?

Now that’s where an organization like Brisk Olive comes into its own.

A Case Study:

In a recent case, a funded EV Charging startup wanted to survey the locations approved for putting up their chargers. Brisk Olive took on that work across India. Next, the client wanted to get new partners on board who would agree to put up EV Charging stations at their premises. Again, Brisk Olive took this on. And as a final step, the client asked Brisk Olive to take on the installation of EV Chargers too. Brisk Olive was more than happy to take that on too.

What makes such diversity possible?

The key to Brisk Olive’s reliability across the above range of tasks, across India, is its ex-soldiers field force. Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd supports organizations in expanding across India through their unique 25,000 field force of ex-soldiers.

Ex-soldiers are recognized for their excellence in operations during their military careers. They are excellent in processes and in directing teams of varying sizes. As a result, they excel in a variety of tasks. The tasks include:

1. Surveys and Audits: Conduct surveys at any level across India with exceptional dependability. Our ex-defense surveyors, who are honest, highly experienced, and completely reliable, assure quality and speed.

2. Training, Promotions, and Events: We have investigated, conducted social activities, mobilized communities, even delivered commodities throughout India.

3. Projects, Rectification, Verification: With our veterans, we have the means and the capacity to carry out technical projects using modern cutting technologies.

4. Other Feet On Ground Tasks: Soldiers from all around India, are stationed in different remote areas. Our veterans are capable of doing jobs in distant locations, along borders, and in other challenging situations.

Additional tasks include market research, production, installation, team lease, data tracking, etc. 

Our ex-servicemen meet these responsibilities through their ‘Do or Die’ spirit, on time, with professional precision and service of quality, all across India.

About the author

The author is MD and CEO of Brisk Olive Business Solutions, a company that helps clients grow by expanding their operations across entire India. They do this through India’s largest field force of ex-soldiers. Their USPs are the dependability and expertise of their field force, which is spread across India, including in remote areas. Their services include surveys, audits, investigations, project execution, training, promotions, verifications, and all such operational tasks at which ex-soldiers are proven to excel.

To read more about Field Force services, visit Brisk Olive – Magnify Your Reach 

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