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What is an Outsourced Field Force? Generate Revenue Through Collaboration With One

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a substantial shift in company dealings and functions, with the majority of them relying on online channels.

Online mediums, however, do not solve the problem of putting reliable feet-on-the-ground, even though these mediums are excellent for sales, marketing, and information-based operations. Besides, many online activities still lack that human touch that allows companies to establish personal contacts, dig deeper, etc. Businesses are frequently required to promote physical events to raise brand exposure, collect surveys to obtain consumer preferences, or bring services or products to remote locations. They also need audits, verifications, rectifications, construction,  project execution, training, market research, and so on. On-ground operations, therefore, continue to be critical, and they require reliable on-ground field forces. 

The question that arises is, “How to maintain such a capability?” without expending huge effort and cost?

This is where an outsourced Field Force comes into play!

In this article, we’ll learn what an Outsourced Field Force is and how you can benefit from this idea.

A Field Force is a specialized group of people who work outside of the company’s premises, typically in a location where you would find your target customer. It could be at a venue, event, or even on-site. Such forces are required at many locations, but the requirement could be 24×7 or sporadic, based on the tasks given. When executed, the tasks demand a specific set of abilities and a level of experience in order to be successful. 

Traditionally, groups are either maintained at remote locations or are dispatched to these places to do such duties. Both options are expensive – the first one imposes a large fixed cost, whereas the second one requires a large variable cost, due to travel and allied expenses.

Outsourced Field Forces provide a highly valuable deal to businesses in this regard, since these forces are professionally trained to carry out such activities and with such specialized skills and precision, these forces aid in the extraction of valuable knowledge from consumers or locations; they help in doing a huge variety of other on-ground tasks, on-time, and on-demand, whenever required.

The key requirements of such an on-demand outsourced field force are:

  • Expertise and reliability, of the same level, as if the company was using its own hired resources.
  • Country-wide presence, to ensure that a company may reach wherever it wants.
  • On-demand availability.
  • Reasonable cost, otherwise the company might as well use its own hired resources.

A unique soldiers field force solves all the above problems, as mentioned below:

  • Soldier veterans are a massive, diverse group, most excellent in operations, and with enough range of capabilities within themselves, to handle a whole range of operations. And they are reliable.
  • They tend to settle down at places close to where they entered the military, which means across the country.
  • Many are available on-demand, after retirement, or early discharge.
  • And since they are available on the spot, the cost of deploying them operationally goes down. Of course, their long experience and special capabilities entitle them to fair remuneration.

Hence, a highly equipped Field Force that has been specially trained for such duties, on or off the ground, greatly assists companies in the effective execution of such activities, while providing organizations their desired results, in a hassle-free and efficient manner, plus at a reasonable cost. 

About the Author

Colonel Sunil Prem (Retired) is MD and CEO of Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd (, a Business Consultancy and India’s largest field force provider, with a network of 23,000+ ex-soldiers positioned across all 741 districts of India. Their teams include trained, handpicked ex-soldiers employed for tasks at which they excel such as Surveys, Audits, Market Research, Promotions, Trainings, Project Execution, Verifications, Rectifications, Last Mile Connectivity tasks, etc.

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