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5 Advantages to Companies, of Outsourcing Field Force Operations

Outsourcing has become even more relevant post Covid. Businesses are forced to become leaner. They are focusing on their core tasks and are outsourcing many operations to others who specialize in them. This even includes many tasks which they earlier felt had to be done which in-house. These include tasks like delivering geographically distributed projects, outsourcing field office operations, logging data, collecting data or intelligence, market research, verifications, running and maintenance of equipment and facilities, etc.

Here, are 5 advantages of outsourcing field force operations that can help your organisation immensely: 

  • Better Cost: Costs of holding distributed resources in the field – both people and others – on your payroll are reduced. Similarly, costs of travel, accommodation, etc, are reduced. An example is outsourcing environmental data logging to a field force which already has a presence across India. Other examples are outsourcing the maintenance of an IoT devices grid to a distributed field force, construction of simple projects like water points or solar installations, outsourcing all sorts or surveys, data collection, auditing, field training, etc.
  • Better Quality:
    • Firstly, outsourced vendors are good at what they do, because they do it over and over again. This is better than your in-house teams training themselves on executing one-time tasks, at huge time and cost, or flitting from task to task, and becoming jacks-of-all-trades.
    • Secondly, today, technology offers you simple means to  monitor and audit outsourced field force teams. At Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd  – a company offering outsourcing options through a field force of over 23,000 ex-soldiers – the organisation uses:
      • A unique hand-picked, known field force of ex-soldiers, who are as specialised, process-oriented and quality conscious as anyone can get!
      • A sophisticated Field Force management and Project Management technology platform for project monitoring and control for its clients.
  • Better Localisation: Problems of local language, local conditions, etc are taken into account, since the manpower employed is local.
  • Authenticity and Fidelity: Information gathered from ground zero, and actions delivered at ground zero are always more authentic and reliable than those executed remotely or using remote teams. For example, information gathered by local teams and projects executed involving local teams are always more reliable.
  • Better Focus: It is neither possible, nor desirable to train an in-house team on every contingency which a business organisation could face. It is best that one’s in-house team specializes in what it does best. All else should be outsourced. This is a win-win for both parties as the field force brings in economies of scale by doing what it does best for multiple clients.


About the Author.

Colonel Sunil Prem (Retired) is MD and CEO of Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Business Consultancy and India’s largest field force provider, with a network of 23,000+ ex-soldiers positioned across all 741 districts of India. Their teams are composed of trained, handpicked ex-soldiers and they are employed for tasks at which they excel such as Surveys, Audits, Market Research, Promotions, Trainings, Project Execution, Verifications, Rectifications, Last Mile Connectivity tasks, etc.

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