Putting Entire India within Your Business Reach Right Now!

Reaching a wider audience is what most business owners dream of. But, expanding your business to new locations or to new audiences can be a daunting process. To do that, businesses need to have their feet on ground zero (well, literally)!

And they need this for variety of tasks:

  • Surveys or Business Intelligence Gathering: Authentic source of information at ground zero, which businesses can use to know customers better, and to make informed decisions.
  • Events and Promotions: To test new markets, launch new products or services, increase brand awareness, etc.
  • Offering Products. To offer their products to those markets. For this you need distribution chains taking your products to those places.
  • Offering Services: Service delivery capability in those places – but at the same quality at which you deliver within your existing markets!
  • Training: To your remote teams, on your processes.
  • Social interventions: For your CSR tasks.
  • One time tasks in remote locations. An ability to reach out to any customer anywhere, literally on-demand!
  • Auditing: Auditing the quality of existing services at remote locations.

With so much riding on such a feet-on-ground business service, well such a service should already have existed! But why is it so difficult to find? What challenges does such a service have? Well here are some:

  • Firstly, such a service requires many people, everywhere, even at remote locations!
  • Moreover, such people should be highly skilled. They should be able to carry out surveys, audits, events, projects, training and events – and to high quality!
  • But they should be available literally on-demand, for certain time periods! Otherwise the costs of maintaining them everywhere would far exceed the benefits!

So getting such people everywhere, on-demand, seems like an impossible task.

But what if there really is a service like that out there, which not only offers country-wide reach to your business, but offers it on-demand, at very high reliability, and at a cost within your reach! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Welcome to Brisk Olive’s feet-on-ground business services:

  • Available physically across India, on demand!
  • Available even at the remotest places.
  • With service providers who are legendary for their do or die attitude – India’s ex-soldiers.
  • The most dependable people – with exactly the traits needed for such tasks – honesty and integrity, a reputation for service quality and the ability to work unsupervised!
  • The most competent people – with exactly the skills needed for such tasks: expertise in gathering information, auditing, organising events, executing projects, processes and SOP based tasks, with excellent training skills, excellent crisis management skills and the ability to audit operations and services threadbare. These are exactly the skills which soldiers are known for!
  • A community that is more closely knit than any other. And therefore, where individual skills, capabilities and past performances are already known and vouched for!
  • With cutting-edge technology backup, again from a leading ex-defence technology company!
  • Putting data in your hands just in time. Market trends are always changing as people’s needs and choices too are constantly changing. A product/service which was in-demand last year, need not be too relevant in today’s times. So, feet-on-ground data is way more reliable than previous years’ data when analysing market trends.
  • And executing your events, projects, services, training, audits, and any random operational tasks with precision!

So welcome to Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

A company run by ex-soldiers, and with a proven track record in delivering the above services, across 21 States and Union Territories, even during COVID!

  • A survey project spanning 1894 locations.
  • Auditing government schemes across multiple cities.
  • Delivering projects across hundreds of locations.
  • Taking on miscellaneous tasks – from verifying drivers to rectifying loan EMI forms.

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